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build-a-blog is a blogging platform built on NodeJS. It uses markdown files to generate static HTML pages as blog posts. snld: blog is built using this platform.

The unesco-tracker is a project that I use to track all the UNESCO world heritage sites I have visited. It is a basic NodeJS application with a MySQL backend storing all the sites and visits. Each recorded visit has an image (selfie) associated to it. tracker.snld.ca is my public record of the visits I have recorded. Please feel free to build your own on the supplied source!

Self-hosted git on a ubuntu server virtual machine. It is the code repository for all scripts and projects. Make an account if you would like to house your code on my server. I do not share your data.

ddns-linode, a script that will update your "A" record through the linode api.

Using Icecast2 and Ices I have created three home radio streams. I created two scripts to convert media files from flac-to-mp3 and mp3-to-ogg. I have created a web UI that I refer to doggie-radio-ui. This has also been converted into an android app.

Former website of Fackin' Good Food, a local vegan restaurant. Developed as a responsive website using Bootstrap 4 and jQuery.


snld: blog


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